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Natural body milks, body lotions, body creams, body yoghurts and body butters free of parabens and alcohols can all be found exclusively on the webshop in natural cosmetics. But what iexactly is the difference between a body milk, lotion, body cream and body butter? And which type of body cream best suits your skin type? Find out more at the bottom of this page.

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From natural body lotions to body butters

The skin is our largest organ, which needs to be nourished, especially if you easily suffer from skin irritation, itching, redness or extremely dry skin. Pamper and strengthen your skin with a natural body cream and enjoy radiant, more beautiful skin. But which product do you need for your skin type? Find out more below. Can’t figure it out? Then don't hesitate to speak to Mark in the chat: he is the cosmetics expert at MetOlijf and will be happy to give you personal and tailored advice. With the natural cosmetics available from, you can enjoy the most beautiful skin of your life. 

Which product suits you best?

A natural body lotion works basically the same as a natural body milk, natural body cream, or natural body butter: it should moisturize dry, cracked or tight skin. This is achieved by using nourishing ingredients such as olive oil, aloe vera, argan oil and panthenol. The different types of moisturizers all have a specific viscosity, which ensures you get either a mild, creamy gel or a full-bodied butter. The drier the skin, the thicker the cream should be. Below we explain the differences between body milk, body lotion, body cream and body butter.

A natural body milk is a subtle moisturizer that is easy to apply and, like a serum, absorbs directly into the skin. The subtle body milk contains botanical ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier and restore the moisture balance. Perfect for after a day of sunbathing or to give the skin a fresh boost. Here you will find all our natural body milks.

A natural body lotion is a light cream that absorbs directly into the skin. Ideal after sunbathing or to soften chapped skin. The natural body lotions penetrate into the skin quickly and do not leave a layer or residue. Use a body lotion if you have sensitive skin or want to subtly moisturize the skin. Here you will find all kinds of natural body lotions.

With a natural body yoghurt you nourish the skin with yoghurt -derived components, which in turn have a positive effect on particularly dry skin. Yoghurt proteins nourish and repair the skin, while having a calming effect. A body yoghurt is especially fine in the summer, after sunbathing. Yoghurt proteins take the redness and warmth out of the skin, giving you a fresh and rejuvenated sensation. It is worth noting, aftersun or a body yoghurt is no substitute for sunscreen, so always use proper sun protection. Here you will find all body yoghurt..

With a natural body mousse you will enjoy a sumptuous mousse that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky soft. The mousse structure gives you ultimate suppleness and freshness and a beautiful satin smooth touch. A body mousse adds a rich experience to your moisturizing routine and gives your skin a tingly fresh feeling. Here you will find all natural body mousses.

You can use a natural body cream if you suffer particularly from chapped, cracked or dry skin. A body cream has the same thickness as a face cream, only there are more nourishing and moisturizing properties in a body cream because your body’s skin can often be a bit tougher. Think of dry patches under the elbows or legs. Here you will find all natural body creams.