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Are you looking for radiant and silky soft skin? Then enjoy our luscious Greek Olive Soap. has the most luxurious handmade olive soaps for your face and body. With dozens of different types of handmade soap, has something for everyone. Go for green; go for the deliciously scented or perfume-free handmade olive soap from!

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Natural handmade soap from Greece Natural Cosmetics natural soap is available in many varieties, sizes, fragrances and colors. With or without exfoliating compounds or fresh additives, such as lavender flowers or poppy seeds. The natural soap nourishes and softens the skin. But how about a natural perfume in your closet? Put a handmade soap with your favorite natural perfume between your clothes and enjoy a pleasant aroma all day long. The natural soap of brings centuries long tradition right to your door so you can enjoy the best Greece has to offer in the comfort of your own home. Shop now!

Handmade, natural soap: there is something for everyone

Do you also love the delicious scent of freshly cut, handmade olive soap? Then is the right place for you. We have a huge collection of handmade, natural soap, based on cold pressed, organic olive oil. Olive soap is not only wonderfully soft, but it is also great for your skin. How about flavanoids, plant sterols, fatty acids and vitamins? Olive soap is excellent for your skin and provides an incredibly soft touch. has the largest collection of handmade olive soap in the Benelux region, so there is something for everyone. The different olive soaps we offer are:
- Handmade olive soap in beautiful cubes with fresh extracts and natural perfumes. Ideal if you are looking for a deliciously scented olive soap or natural soap with a beautiful effect. The natural soap is based on 100% cold-pressed Greek olive oil from Crete, which is blended at a cold temperature, so that the vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids are perfectly preserved. The natural aromas envelop you with a delicate perfume, but how about keeping a cube of natural soap in the linen closet? It smells like you're on vacation every day.
- For a firm massage in the style of the Ottoman Hammam, you can use a natural massage soap. Again based on cold pressed olive oil, of course, but with nodules that allow your muscles to melt and provide a deep relaxation. Apply to wet skin and massage the muscles with a firm motion. With a massage soap you will enjoy a relaxing massage and leave your skin silky soft. Ideal if you want to pamper yourself or your partner with a silky soft wellness experience in the style of the hammam.
- Do you want to be a real eye-catcher in your bathroom? Then enjoy this beautiful handmade soap. The handmade soap is poured and decorated with beautiful soap flakes. The delicious natural aromas and dazzling colors make every piece of handmade soap a true work of art. The natural soap is based on glycerine (vegetable sugar) which is ideal if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin. The handmade soap doesn't leave the skin taut, but rather provides a feather-light touch and a satin-smooth finish. The handmade soap is freshly cut into blocks of 100 or 200 grams per order, so fresher than fresh is hardly possible!
- Do you suffer from very dry, sensitive hands? Maybe you suffer from psoriasis, eczema or you get chapped and dry patches very quickly. Then use a hand soap. With a natural hand soap based on organic olive oil you give your hands a silky soft touch again. The ingredients stimulate skin repair, improve the moisture balance and give the skin's own hydration an intense boost. With a natural hand soap you will enjoy the softest hands of your life.
- Of course you should also store your natural olive soap in a safe place. This can be done with a beautiful, hand-carved soap holder made from olive wood. Beautiful detail: the olive wood soap holders are made of olive wood from dead olive trees. The ultimate way of sustainable recycling. The handmade soap holders look beautiful and ensure that your natural soap dries quickly and can be used again.

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The best natural soap can be found on Handmade, hand-cut, and carefully wrapped. Treat yourself to a luxurious piece of olive soap and enjoy not only radiant skin, but also a wonderful fragrance. Olive soap has been used by people with sensitive and dry skin for thousands of years for good reason, so give yourself a silky soft touch with handmade, natural soap. Do you have questions about olive oil soap, would you like appropriate product advice or do you have questions about one of our 1300 other different products? Then feel free to speak to Mark in the chat: he is the product specialist and cosmetics expert at and carefully answers all your questions. You can find the chat at the bottom right of the page. Is he unavailable? Leave a message and he will get back to you immediately.