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Natural hand and foot care starts at MetOlijf. All our handmade cosmetics are paraben free, never tested on animals, and free of chemical additives. At, natural really means natural. The best hand and foot creams can be found here.

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Natural care for hands and feet

The hands and feet are continuously exposed to the elements. The feet are enveloped daily by socks and shoes, causing the skin to sweat rapidly, or dry out. Calluses, cracks and rough spots form not only on the feet, but also on the hands. Use a hand and foot cream every daily, for example  one of our most popular product: the Cracked Skin Cream. Nourish the skin with 12% urea, lactic acid and olive oil and immediately enjoy the smoothest hands and feet you've ever had. But it's not just this product that works extremely well; every day we work hard to offer only the very best products that you can find based on natural ingredients. Our Greek natural cosmetics nourish, strengthen, moisturize, soothe and condition the skin to the fullest, so not only does the cream improve the skin, but it also encourages your hands and feet to recover and moisturize faster.

Purchase natural hand cream

You can buy natural hand cream online at, the organic online retailer in the Netherlands and Belgium. The organic ingredients strengthen and repair the skin, while maintaining the natural pH value of the skin. Our natural hand creams are suitable for all skin types. Do you suffer from dark spots and you want to reduce the appearance of them? Then choose a hand cream with fruit acids; these fade existing pigment spots and prevent new ones form forming. It also contains a UV filter, which reduces the production of melanin and gives a more even and smooth skin. For each skin type, we have a suitable natural hand cream. The best hand care can be found here at All our hand creams absorb immediately, so you won't experience greasy or sticky hands. Would you like customized advice or do you have any other questions? Click on the chat bar at the bottom right of the page and talk directly to Mark, our cosmetics expert, mail to or call (023) 583 1985.

Purchase natural foot cream also has the perfect treatment for the feet. The natural foot creams nourish, moisturize and protect the skin. The foot creams are based on olive oil, vitamin extracts and active herbal and plant ingredients. This way you care for your feet and legs daily and get a radiant, silky soft skin again. In addition, a natural foot cream also provides perfect hydration and protection. In addition, a natural foot cream can contribute to the recovery of dryness and calluses, improves skin quality and has a calming and restorative effect. Do you really want to give your feet the very best? Then first start with a foot scrub; this removes excess dead skin cells, reduces calluses and provides a deeper effect for the foot cream. Do you suffer from sweaty feet? Then use a deodorant for the feet. This neutralizes unpleasant odors, has a cooling effect and ensures perfectly cared for feet.

Long-lasting hand care with a natural hand soap

In addition to a nourishing natural hand cream, it is also best to wash your hands in a gentle but effective way. With a natural hand soap from, even when you wash your hands, you provide lasting hydration, care, and nourishment. If you wash your hands often, it can affect the skin flora, causing dry spots, eczema, itchy skin, and other discomfort. You can simply counteract this by washing your hands with a natural hand soap. In addition to the very best and hygienic cleansing, this also provides care for the delicate skin on your hands. Ideal if you suffer from, for example, eczema and psoriasis or dry hands.